Undying Resolution is a 25-man semi-hardcore adult (18+) guild located on Elune (US-Alliance). Having fun while pushing progression on a lightweight is the name of the game we play and in my humble opinion, it’s a game we’re quite good at.

Guild Master: Mindalen
Officers: Lissanna, MalchomeRanico, and Zweibella

Current Progression:

Throne of Thunder:
25m: 4/12 normal and –/12 heroic.

Tier 14:

Terrace of the Endless Spring:
25m: 4/4 normal and –/4 heroic.
10m: 4/4 normal and –/4 heroic.

Heart of Fear:
25m: 6/6 normal and –/6 heroic.
10m: 6/6 normal and 2/6 heroic.

Mogu’Shan Vaults:
25m: 6/6 normal and 4/6 heroic.
10m: 6/6 normal and 4/6 heroic.

Recruitment: Open
Seeking: Warlocks
Exceptional players of any class may still apply, despite what our current recruitment needs reflect.
Raid Nights: Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday, 8-11pm EST
Two out of three nights is required to meet 100% attendance standards.

Guild Bloggers:
Amowrath: The Light’s Wrath.
Effraeti: Awaiting the Muse.
FinalFlame: Noxious Stings.
Juvenate: WTS Heals.
Lissanna: Restokin.
Maerdred: Treebound.
Malchome: Malchome’s Mind on Gaming.
Ponerya: Fel Concentration & Blood Pact.

Former Guildies:
Elemaster: The Elemenati.
Hestiah: Hestiah the Druid.
OpalBreeze: Fake Game Design.

Cataclysmic Progression:
Dragon Soul:
25m: 8/8 normal and 8/8 heroic.
10m: 8/8 normal and 5/8 heroic.
Fangs of the Father obtained by Trusker, Cataha, Kosugi.

25m: 7/7 normal and 1/7 heroic.
10m: 7/7 normal.
Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest obtained by Ponerya.


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