Unholy Infusion

Unholy Infusion is the next quest in the chain that you receive from Highlord Mograine after you feed Shadow’s Edge 50 souls. Mograine has asked you to find a way to infuse Shadow’s Edge with Professor Putricide’s mutated slime.

My guild chose to do this fight on Normal mode after botching Heroic a couple of times. Since you’re not collecting Shadowfrost Shards yet, do whatever it takes to make the infusion easy for you and your comrades.

  • You MUST keep Shadow’s Edge equipped while you’re an Abomination.
  • This quest requires you to “drive” the Abomination and spam your 1 button to suck up the delicious pools of ick that spawn on the ground. You need to do this until you reach 100 energy.
  • When you need to slow down the green or brown slime on the ground, hit 2. (Make sure you have 50 energy!)
  • When you’ve reached 100 energy and the boss has reached 40% health, hit Shadow Infusion. This is the special effect that Mograine asked for. (For me, it was my 6 button.)
  • During Phase 3 after you have been ejected from the Abomination suit, you may un-equip Shadow’s Edge to fight the boss, though I personally didn’t. Make sure not to die, because if you do, the raid will have to wipe so you can re-infuse the weapon.
  • Shadow Infusion lasts for 6 minutes, so make sure to kill Putricide before your buff wears off!

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