Shadowmourne…  A great two-handed axe fit for a giant, born of sacred and corrupt powers, host of a thousand dead souls and able to be wielded only by the most stalwart armsmasters of Azeroth. Its creation seems nearly impossible; and yet, the rumors do not cease.”

These are some tips and tricks to completing Shadowmourne, as I did so outside of its time as the prime legendary. Although I took the steps toward forging the weapon at 85 I do not think much has changed, though your mileage may vary.

Keep in mind that once you finish A Feast Of Souls, you have to run ICC on 25 man mode. Regular or heroic is at your discretion;  I highly recommend that you run it on heroic because Shadowfrost Shards drop more in more abundance on the higher difficulty level. When I ran heroic, I had somewhere between 15-23 people in the raid with me. Regular mode could be completed with less than 10. In heroic, I’d see between 6 – 9 shards drop from a full clear (sans Heroic LK), regular would yield about 3.

Good luck, fellow damned, and suffer well!


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