Blood Infusion

Blood Infusion is the second of the three infusion quests that you have to do. This requires you to kill Blood Queen Lana’thel in a systematic way.

  • You MUST keep Shadow’s Edge equipped during the fight.
  • Run in with the main tank and off tank when the fight starts and pick up Blood Mirror. Be sure to stack on top of the main tank, with the off tank standing behind the two of you. (You can choose to pop into Blood Presence if you want the extra threat generation.)
  • Blood Mirror gives you Gushing Wound, which is the infusion that you need to complete the quest.
  • Make sure that your healers and DPS aren’t doing anything but standing around at this point. You need to be highest on the aggro table (outside of the tanks) to get the first Essence of the Blood Queen, allowing you to bite the raid members. You cannot receive Essence if you’re still under the effect of Blood Mirror.
  • If you’re somehow not the first person to get Essence, let that person frenzy and kill them. DO NOT BATTLE REZ THAT PLAYER; THEY WILL STILL BE UNDER THE EFFECTS OF THE FRENZY. Reasoning behind this is that you do not want to deal with someone else taking players to bite.
  • You will keep Gushing Wound until you have bitten your third raid member. Be sure not to use any spells that will remove debuffs!
  • We personally went slow on DPS until I bit three players. At 90, I’d imagine you’d absolutely have to watch out, or you might kill the Queen before you finish the Infusion!
  • Once you’ve bitten three, you are good to go, even though you’ll be given no indication during the raid.
  • You must stay alive until she dies, or you’ll have to repeat the process.

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