Aesadonna is a relentlessly cheerful 90th level Frost Death Knight located on Elune (US).
In life, she was the daughter of a wheat farmer from Andorhal and fell protecting her family as the Scourge ravaged her native Lordaeron.
In death, she is fiercely loyal to Highlord Mograine and his Ebon Blades, though she is well aware of her stature as an soldier of the Alliance.

TWITTER: @Aesadonna
BATTLETAG: Aesadonna#1498*
*please let me know who you are! 🙂

Aesa’s primary Battle Pet team:
Ashley (Ash Spiderling), Garrus, (Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling) and Tali’Zorah (Dark Phoenix Hatchling).

The Blog:

If you are looking for in depth discussions on theory-crafting and how to increase your DPS tenfold, this is not the blog for you. Instead, these are the misadventures of a former healer trying to find her place in the wacky world of melee DPS. Occasionally I do have moments of brilliance, but they tend to get eclipsed by my general level of derp. After all, I am a Derp Kn00b. 😉

However, if you like…

  • Plate-centric transmog
  • Exhilarated ranting
  • Guild camaraderie
  • Occasionally terribad sentence structure (and the abuse of commas, parenthesis, and quite possibly semi-colons! Le gasp!)

and you can stomach the occasional “bad word” – this blog likes you, too!


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