Frost Talents for Kn00bies

Here is what my personal talent tree currently looks like, although it can vary in different situations:

Tier 1: We’re given Rolling Blood, Plague Leech, and Unholy Blight.

Rolling Blood feels like it was created with Blood Tanking in mind, though it can be handy situationally.

On Elegon, this talent is invaluable because it spreads your diseases to the Energy Charges without having to use Pestilence. Pair that with Glyph of Outbreak and you are good to go!

Plague Leech is the talent that Elitist Jerks recommends because in simulationcraft, it increases DPS by about 3k. You use Plague Leech when your diseases are about to tick off of a target, which restores a fully depleted rune as a Death rune. This talent is awesome in theory but personally, I just couldn’t get it to work to my advantage. If you are a hardcore raider and are very serious about min-maxing, this is the talent I recommend. Though, if you are either of those things, why are you on my blog?! (I kid, I kid!)

My choice was for this tier is Unholy Blight. For 10 seconds, you are surrounded by little bugs that apply your diseases for you, which is nice for when Outbreak is on cooldown (if not glyphed) or if you are not the lucky one to receive Wild Mushroom: Plague from your friendly neighbourhood Druid.

Tier 2: We’re given Lichbourne, Anti-Magic Zone, and Purgatory.

Ahh, Lichbourne. A former Frost-only talent that is very, very good in PvP situations. It can be useful in PvE as well as it breaks you out of charm/fear/sleep and you gain the ability to heal yourself with Death Coil since you have turned Undead.

Since I play as a Human, I skipped the talent thanks to Every Man for Himself being a built-in movement way to remove movement impairing abilities.  If you are not Human, this is a handy talent that gives you another way to self heal!

Anti-Magic Zone is a former Unholy-only talent and is quite useful to a raiding Death Knight. Both myself and my guild’s Blood DK have this talent because of its utility. You place a stationary bubble that protects the raid for 75% magic damage that lasts for 10 seconds, or until it soaks up 136,800 damage. If you can properly time this cooldown, you will save your healers a lot of grief. Happy healers make for a happy raid!

Purgatory is a new talent and I personally think it’s quite awesome! It is reminiscent of a Mage’s Cauterize as it places a protective barrier on you after a killing blow is landed. You are then granted an additional 3 seconds to be healed, which could potentially save your life. (Shroud of Purgatory can trigger every 3 minutes.)

This talent is very handy for Challenge Mode dungeons!

Tier 3: We’re given Death’s Advance, Chillblains, and Asphyxiate

I am biased as all hell when I say that I love me some Death’s Advance! Since we no longer use Unholy Presence, this talent takes some of the sting out of losing that bonus speediness by making us a flat 10% faster. It also adds that we can’t be slowed down past 70% of our normal movement speed, which is useful. When activated, we gain 30% extra movement speed and cannot be slowed down past 100% of our normal run speed for 6 seconds. This talent can be activated every 30 seconds.

Personally, I use this talent all the time. It is great while running from mob to mob while doing dailies, moving swiftly of ick on raid bosses, and to quickly run past my guildies as we’re running back from a wipe. Neener, neener!

Chillblains feels like it would be better in PvP situations. Having your Frost Fever slow mobs down by 50% for 10 seconds? Chains of Ice immobilizing your target for 3 seconds? Considering that few bosses can be rooted or snared, this talent I would pass up if you are a raiding Death Knight. It might be worth looking into if you’re a designated kiter, however.

Asphyxiate replaces Strangulate and cuts the cast time down to 1 minute. It also mandates that if a target cannot be stunned, it is instead silenced. This talent is situational because very few bosses can be stunned or silenced.

Tier 4: We’re given Death Pact, Death Siphon, and Conversion

Death Pact works in conjuncture with Raise Dead. While one typically thinks Unholy when ghouls are mentioned, it is still a pretty decent talent for Frost. When you apply Death Pact, you damage the ghoul by 50% of its maximum health and heal yourself by 50%. This talent is on a two-minute cooldown, just like Raise Dead is.

Death Siphon is a talent that I used heavily while leveling because it is basically a ranged Death Strike. However, once I got to 90 and started dungeons, I found myself relying more on Death Strike when my health dipped and pretty much ignoring Death Siphon. It is the kind of talent where your mileage may vary because it does have the ability to potentially save your life in a dungeon or a raid… if you have the Death rune available.

Conversion is the talent that I am currently using. I refer to it as one of my “oh, shit!” buttons. Although it’s considered the Tank choice out of the three, I like Conversion because it lacks a cooldown. All you need is 10 Runic power to gain back 3% of your health! (It costs 100 per second to keep up Conversion; if you lack the RP, the spell auto-cancels. You can also cancel it yourself at any time.) It is also extremely useful in AoE heavy situations and has been the difference between life and death for me.

The one downside would be potential DPS loss, so if you are worried about that, I would suggest Death Pact because it doesn’t mess with DPS at all.

Tier 5: We’re given Blood Tap, Runic Empowerment, and Runic Corruption.

Blood Tap has received an overhaul from its original form. In its new carnation, whenever you land a damaging Frost Strike (also works with Death Coil and Rune Strike), you receive 2 Blood Charges (up to a maximum of 12). Blood Tap takes 5 Blood Charges to turn a fully depleted Rune into a Death Rune. It’s a promised Death Rune, as long as you have 5 charges!

To best use this talent, I recommend that you macro it to your Frost Strike, Obliterate, and Howling Blast keys, as demonstrated below.

/cast Frost Strike
/cast Blood Tap

Runic Empowerment is the top simmed talent and is good for Frost when we are damaging multiple targets. How it works is when you land a damaging Frost Strike / Death Coil / Rune Strike, you receive a 45% chance at restoring a depleted Rune. This talent only works when you have a depleted Rune!

Runic Corruption gives you a 45% chance after landing a damaging Frost Strike / Death Coil / Rune Strike to trigger a 100% boost to your runic regeneration. Though, you do not receive the whole benefit of this talent as Frost, so I would suggest sticking with Runic Empowerment if you do not want to use Blood Tap. (Plus, Frost Presence naturally gives a boost to RP regeneration)

Tier 6: We’re given Gorefiend’s Grasp, Remorseless Winter, and Desecrated Ground.

Gorefiend’s Grasp looks like it is something straight out of the Dark side of the Force! You take all targets (friendly and hostile!) within 20 yards and pull them to you. But to be completely honest, I cannot see us Frost DKs using this talent and having the situation end well in PvE. If you thought Death Grip annoyed people…

Remorseless Winter is great for both kiting and PvP. For eight seconds, the Death Knight is surrounded by swirling frigid air. When it hits, it reduces enemy movement speed by 15%, stacking up to 5 times. After the 5th application, the enemies trapped in your Remorseless Winter will be stunned.

Desecrated Ground corrupts the ground 8 yards beneath the Death Knight for 10 seconds. While standing in the corruption, you cannot be crowd controlled. This is a solid choice because Remorseless Winter is ineffective on most Raid bosses.


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