Frost Infusion

Frost Infusion is the final infusion that you need to continue on to The Splintered Throne. You are asked to absorb four of Sindragosa’s breath attacks without dying.

  • You MUST keep Shadow’s Edge equipped during the fight.
  • You can use Anti-Magic Shell during the breaths to cut the damage Sindy will deal.
  • Make sure not to get hit by her cleave! Her breath has a relatively long range, so you can run in and out easily.
  • You’ll be slower by the third stack of breath, so Unholy Presence and Death’s Advance (third tier talent) will be your friend when it comes to hauling ass to tombs. Not specced into DA? A Priest with Body and Soul is your friend!
  • When you obtain the fourth stack, your debuff will fall off. This is standard and as long as you kill Sindragosa within six minutes after your first infusion, you win!

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