Don’t be a dick.

Earlier this week after Beef’s PvP Paladin hit 90, we decided to hit up some battlegrounds. There was a bit of rust to shake off; he primarily plays his Mage in PvE situations and I haven’t PvP’d since Cataclysm myself. We played two randoms, Strand of the Ancients and Isle of Conquest, and decided after to hit up a third to hopefully obtain a win. It was indeed a win, but it came at a cost.

The third battleground was Twin Peaks, a battleground I am not all that fond of to begin with. Despite that, being the only Death Knight in the battleground, I threw up Path of Frost and ran toward the canal entrance of the Horde base. I had no issue running the flag back with a combination of Unholy Presence and Death’s Advance speeding me along. I even was able to dunk the flag when my team tackled the enemy flag carrier – score one for the girl who once had crippling anxiety toward flag running!

When the flags reset, I stuck around momentarily to harass the Horde who decided to come after our flag. Beef decides that we should find our flag carrier and escort them since they were alone. I agree and we set off toward their dot. When I get to the flag carrier, they decided to drop the flag, which startled me. I mash my mouse to recover it, switch presences, and take off running. At this point, the Horde did not have our flag, so I was racing against them to cap. This… made me nervous. When I got to their base, because of said nerves, I swung to the right toward the stairs before noticing my mistake. I am used to running in that direction because the only time I have the flag in TP is when I have to sit and evade the Horde, not when I need to dunk it immediately. To remedy my error, I hit Death’s Advance… but it was a few seconds too late. A Horde Shadow Priest grabbed the flag and took off, too quickly for the Druid who was accompanying me to catch.

This left me as an easy target and a group of about five Horde jump me in the middle of flag room, killing me almost immediately despite my minor reinforcements. This angers the Druid, who rants in Battleground chat about how terrible I am. I expected that to be the end of it; I screwed up, trust me, I know. But the Druid never relented. They spent the next 20 minutes following me around and insulting me. They also continued to make fun of me in Battleground chat, which was embarrassing. I was too ashamed to stick up for myself, I just let them continue ranting. Despite my self confidence being completely shattered, I kept playing to the best of my ability. I even managed to tango with their flag carrier, stopping the Horde from capping right before the clock ran out in our favour. Did any of that matter? Not to the Druid. My anxiety became so great that by the end of the match, I was trembling hard enough that it was difficult to grip my mouse.

Why do we tear each other apart, slicing at the throats of our brothers and sisters in arms with sharpened tongues instead of focusing on our common enemy? No one is perfect; even the best stumble and fall. This culture of hostility does nothing but hurt the people behind their pixelated avatar and makes them want to quit, rather than improve. Think twice before spewing vitriol in a PuG or Battleground, you never know what the real person behind the toon could be going through.


6 Responses to Don’t be a dick.

  1. sympathetic Paladin says:

    Those with low self-esteem often try to push others down rather than lift themselves up. This may sound like advice about snakes and bugs but these dicks may have greater insecurities than you do. That is why I used to act as they did. Make quick and liberal use of your report for language button. It will ignore them until you logout and quell the annoying buzz.

    Quick-thinking on grabbing the flag when they dropped it for you!

  2. Shiftea says:

    There are soooo many Trolls in the game. Most of the time the ones doing the trolling are the worst in the BG. Hence, they continue spam trolling instead of actually contributing. It can be hard to sit there and take it without wanting to just say screw pvp altogether.

    But it sounds like you guys did way better than most. Shake it off and know that it’s just some jack-off kid who’s parents didn’t beat the shit out of him enough. 😀

    Also, hit me and the rest of the gang for some cross-realm sometime. I have no problems blasting back against ass clowns.


  3. Jazmyn says:

    Some people are just assholes, point blank. It pisses me off so much when people think that belittling someone and being a dick will fix a mistake. That’s the main reason I don’t PvP, people scare me lol and in games when I mess up if people get on me I don’t handle it very well so I tend to just avoid it. But yeah that person needs to probably take a break if it’s THAT serious.

    I still think you’re amazing! ♥ 🙂

  4. People are seriously horrible. People do this all the time in League of Legends too (as you could imagine). It happens almost every game to someone. I once had someone belittle me for a whole 40 minutes because of one mistake. End-game I tore their score up, we won, and he still had stuff to say. Competitive gaming brings out the worst in people. I can’t understand why. Wouldn’t you want someone to improve at a game and make your community stronger? Yelling at someone or calling them names is not going to help them improve. No one wants to win for someone that’s a dick.

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  6. Yup, I’ve definitely seen this.

    If they get out of line I report them for language which is a temporary ignore in addition to the report.

    If they are the worst human beings, I ignore them.

    Protip #1: ignoring someone cross-realm prevents you from being grouped with them in 5-mans/lfr/BGs

    Protip #2: if you are going to ignore AND report, make sure you ignore first. It’s a pain to ignore after a report because the person’s chat messages are removed from chat and you can no longer simply right-click their name for the ignore context menu.

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