A small update.

Why hello, blogosphere! *crickets chirp* Between the dreaded Real Life World Boss breathing down my neck and readying Aesadonna to jump back into Killing Interweb Dargonz I have been rather busy, so I ended up sorely neglecting this little space of interwebz again.

Though, I finally finished the Best in Slot gear list for DW Frost DK’s because I love you all.*throws confetti* You can find that here, or under the sub-header Death Knight-y Things.

The 2h Frost list is next on my agenda and it will be available Soon™.

Feel free to let me know if I have made any errors and I will correct them as soon as possible. 🙂

Here is a photo montage of some of the shenanigans that Aesa has been up to since I have posted last, since screen shots remain an obsession. 


I was lucky enough to sneak into a couple of raids at the end of tier 14, obtaining the Tranquil Master title and gaining the FoS achievements for killing Shek’zeer and the Sha of Fear prior to 5.2’s launch.


Aesa’s first heroic kill of tier 14! She was um, taking a dirt nap because reasons. *nodnod*


UR one-shot Heroic Feng, which was a good feel after all the trouble Heroic Stone Guard gave us.


In between dailies and raiding, Beef and I took the time out to get our Scenaturdist titles. Although, all I see when I look at the title is TURD, ew.


We also killed Heroic Gara’jal and Heroic Elegon, but this derp managed to only get a screen shot of the first.


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