Aesa’s UI

When it comes to customizing your UI, play it safe. I don’t personally download packaged sets for off-chance that some malicious software could come bundled with the goods. Most of my add-ons come from Curse (and are maintained through their client), but Wowinterface is another good site.

Current Replacement UI: ElvUI.
Past Replacements: Duffed & Derpy.

Guildmate Lissanna mentioned this add on one day and I cannot sing its praises enough! Even if a replacement UI comes with a bag solution, I continue to use this add on because I carry a lot of vanity items and toys in my bags and having them neatly sorted is epic win.


Deadly Boss Mods
Standard fair for anyone who raids, or is planning on raiding in the future.

EPGP Lootmaster 
Undying Resolution runs off of the EPGP loot system, so this is the accompanying mod. There are similar mods for Suicide Kings and other loot systems if you search. 🙂

This is an extremely handy add on if you are a battle rezzing class. It shows who in your party/raid can battle rez and if they are on cool down. Also has a nifty built in feature for mana cool downs!

I prefer it over Recount, but they function similarly. (Though, I am currently using Recount, as pictured above.)

AKA the most annoying add on in the galaxy….but it works. I used this add on to train myself spacial awareness and how to move out of the ick promptly. Useful for both PvP and PvE if you find yourself dying to the things you should not be dying to.

Addon Control Panel
So you don’t have to keep logging in and out to disable add-ons.

Got a gathering profession? This comes in handy because it shows nodes on your mini-map that you’ve previously visited (or that a guild mate gathered from!

Fishing Buddy
Although this add on won’t make you love fishing if you’re determined to hate it, it does make it simpler.

NPCScan and NPCScan Overlay
Takes the pain out of rare hunting!

PetJournal Enhanced
Good add-on for sorting your companion pets.

Pet Battle Quality Glow
When you enter a pet battle, you can tell immediately by the colour of the glow around its portrait what rarity your opponent is.

Invaluable if you do a lot of buying and selling, since you can click a single button and have all the contents empty into your bags.

Sell Junk
Exactly as stated: auto sells your grey items to vendors. You can also set it up to destroy junk if you’re not near a vendor.

The auction house add-on that I personally use.


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