Casual is not a dirty word.

For the first time since I joined Undying Resolution over a year ago, I am no longer part of the core raiding team. Until mid-January, I am fulfilling a transient fill-in-the-gap-in-the-raiding-roster role. After that, I am officially one of the guild’s casual members.

I have been a denizen of Azeroth for the past seven years and always held the opinion that raiding is the pinnacle of the WoW experience. Almost six of those years were spent vying for shiny purples with very little consideration or care for the people who accompanied me. Guilds were expendable; only the gearing of myself and Beefbus meant something to me. It shames me to admit that until Cataclysm, I thought casual was a dirty word — one attributed to people who I thought had no business playing the game. *hangs head* Leaving behind a class I knew inside out was the best serving of WoW-flavoured humble pie: no player is greater or lesser than the other for choosing a different path and it was never my place to judge.

It is strange to think that each Wednesday and Thursday evening will be dedicated to academia rather than pwning internet dargons with the individuals I have come to know as friends. But, I have learned that the most important thing was never the replaceable gear, but the laughter shared and memories gained. [/cheesy]

Consider this post my official explanation of blog quietness as well! As someone whose raiding days are currently numbered, creating gear lists has not been of the utmost importance to me. Alas, I will shove that selfish attitude aside and get crackin’ after my final exams next week. 🙂

And because no post of mine is complete without screen shots, here is three:

Beefbus bought me a Cinder Kitten! I named her after one of my heroes, Commander Shepard.
(My WoW BFF, Amowrath, was afflicted by Hurricane Sandy so there was no way that we were going to pass up this little cutie.)

Martiean rallying the mammoth conga line for epic battle.

Triple trouble!


4 Responses to Casual is not a dirty word.

  1. Jazmyn says:

    I will forever be a casual player due to having a child. There is nothing wrong with casual though. 🙂 I’m a casual player in my guild (although it’s been kind of slow anyhow due to everyone having life things going on right now) and everyone still loves me just the same (I hope that didn’t come off as conceited or something either lol)! 🙂

    Btw good luck with your finals!

  2. K. says:

    My Gravatar is buggered so please ignore my derpy default one!

    I am a casual MMO player and always have been. I don’t know why, but I just can’t get behind a hardcore raiding schedule, despite my desire to. I also find that I get cold feet when I join a guild in games where I’m expected to be on daily and on voice etc. It happened in EVE, and I just couldn’t get used to it. It made it hard for me to log in! It’s the same reason I hate subscription model games, I find they make me feel like I have to log in, instead of that I want to.

    I think it’s great that you’re able to embrace the more casual side of the game for now! I know it’ll be weird because you’re used to being on the core raiding team, but I hope you find it refreshing.

    Despite being a casual MMO player (I was way more hardcore about FPS and RPGs) I did find that people who were deemed “casuals” were a bad thing. But that’s the important distinction — a “casual” as the community calls it is someone who doesn’t care much about anyone else or the impact they have, and doesn’t research or perform to their best because they don’t care. A casual player, at least by time standards, would be playing once or twice a week, maybe more maybe less, but would still do all the research and learning that a normal “hardcore” player would, they just don’t play as often.

    Anyway, good luck in your finals and have fun! ❤

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