Transmog: Feminine Death Knight sets

Shoulders: Shoulderplates of Frozen Blood
(Heroic Pit of Saron – dropped by Forgemaster Garfrost)

Chest: Hydralick Armor
(Zone drop)

Belt: Acherus Knight’s Girdle
(Sold by Quartermaster Ozorg for 35c)

Bent Gold Belt
(Pit of Saron – dropped by Ick)

Gloves: Crystalline Citadel Gauntlets
(Halls of Reflection – from the Captain’s Chest )

Legs: Legplates of Frozen Granite
(Forge of Souls – dropped by the Devourer of Souls)

Boots: Sollerets of Suffering
(Forge of Souls – dropped by the Devourer of Souls)

Weapon Suggestion: The Facelifter
(ICC10 Normal – dropped by Professor Putricide)

Shoulders: Saltstone Shoulder Pads
(Zone drop)

Chest: Drakescale Breastplate
(Rare Mob – Hemathion in Blade’s Edge Mountains)
Belt: Bogslayer Belt
(Zone drop)
Gloves: Bogslayer Gauntlets
(Zone drop)
Legs: Acherus Knight’s Legpants
(Sold by Quartermaster Ozorg for 73c)
Boots of the Funeral March
(Heroic ICC25 – found in the Cache of the Dreamwalker)
Weapon Suggestion: Hatestrike
(Naxx10 – dropped by Patchwerk / Gluth)

Head:  Crimson Beholder Eye
(Rare Mob – Collidus the Warp-Watcher in Shadowmoon Valley)

Chest: Chromite Chestplate
(Zone drop)

Shoulders: Justice Bearer’s Pauldrons
(Heroic Hellfire Ramparts – dropped by Omar the Unscarred)

Belt:  Revenant Girdle
(Zone drop)

Gloves: Life Bearer’s Gauntlets
(Heroic Hellfire Ramparts – found in the Reinforced Fel Iron Chest)

Legs:  Chromite Legplates
(Zone drop)

Boots: Revenant Boots
(Zone drop)

Weapon Suggestion: Endbringer
(Heroic Underbog – dropped by the Black Stalker)

Originally posted at Blogger on February 21, 2012.


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