Derp Kn00b’s shiny new home.

Same ‘ol derpy Death Knight, shiny new abode!

Welcome to the new home of Derp Kn00b: The Misadventures of Aesadonna! After spending over a year on Blogger, I felt that it was time to move on and test the waters of another blog hosting website.

Bear with me while I blow off the cobwebs; all of the pages and sub-pages are currently up except for “Death Knight-y Things”. Death Knight-y Things, you ask? Why, that’s where I plan on housing BiS gear lists, a Kn00bie’s guide to Frost DPS, and an Aesadonna-style ramble on Glyphs! Anything I can think of that will be helpful to my fellow DPSKnights will go under that section, so be on the lookout.

Also, new to Derp Knoob is a mini-guide of tips on how to successfully infuse Shadow’s Edge with the powers of Unholy, Frost, and Blood so you can move on to creating Shadowmourne.

Ashes, to ashes,


2 Responses to Derp Kn00b’s shiny new home.

  1. Effraeti says:

    Yay, Aesa! Welcome to the dark side – err, I mean WordPress! 😉

    I look forward to seeing more from you. I miss reading your point of view, and at some point I guess I need to make my DK a DPS spec. hehe

    Oh, and… *Belf dance!*

    ~ Effy

  2. K. says:

    Yay, welcome to WordPress!

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