Transmog: Dungeon Set (1)

Helm: Hope Bearer Helm 
(Auchenai Crypts – dropped by Shirrak the Dead Watcher)

Shoulders: Truth Bearer Shoulderguards
(Underbog – dropped by Swamplord Musel’ek)

Chest: Light-Touched Breastplate
(Hellfire Ramparts – dropped by Watchkeeper Gargolmar)

Gloves: Faith Bearer’s Gauntlets 
(Mana-Tombs – dropped by Pandemonius)

Belt: Studded Girdle of Virtue
(Underbog – dropped by Ghaz’an)

Legs: Azureplate Greaves 
(Slave Pens – dropped by Quagmirran)

Boots: Uther’s Ceremonial Warboots 
(Old Hillsbrad Foothills – dropped by Lieutenant Drake)

Cloak Suggestion:  Kharmaa’s Shroud of Hope
(G’eras in Shattrath City – 312 JP)

Tabard: Stormwind Reputation Tabard

Helm: Irondrake Faceguard 
(Heroic Hellfire Ramparts – dropped by Vazruden/Nazan)

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Crimson Flight 
(Black Morass – dropped by Aeronus)

Chest:  Crimsonforge Breastplate
(Heroic Hellfire Ramparts – dropped by Omar the Unscarred)

Bracers: Bands of Syth
(Sethekk Halls – dropped by Darkweaver Syth)

Gloves: Gloves of Cruel Intention
(The Botanica – dropped by Thorngrin the Tender)

Belt: Rubium War-Girdle
(The Arcatraz – dropped by Zereketh the Unbound)

Legs: Bloodlord Legplates
(Heroic Blood Furnace – dropped by The Maker)

Boots: Bloodsworn Warboots
(Heroic Blood Furnace – dropped by Keli’dan the Breaker)

Helm: (Not Pictured)  Helm of the Violent Fray
(TotC – dropped by The Black Knight)

Shoulders: Majestic Silversmith Shoulderplates
(Heroic TotC – dropped by Eadric’s Cache)

Chest: Breastplate of the Imperial Joust
(TotC – dropped by Confessor’s Cache/Eadric’s Cache)

Bracers: Vampraces of the Unholy Command
(Heroic TotC – dropped by The Black Knight)

Gloves: Gauntlets of the Stouthearted Crusader
(TotC – dropped by Eadric’s Cache)

Belt: Girdle of Arrogant Downfall
(TotC – dropped by The Black Knight)

Legs: Legplates of Relentless Onslaughter
(Heroic TotC – dropped by Confessor’s Cache/Eadric’s Cache)

Boots: Plated Greaves of Providence
(Heroic TotC – dropped by Confessor’s Cache)

Originally posted at Blogger on December 21, 2011,


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